Terms & Conditions

1. Validity 

(1) Subject to these terms of contract is every sale, delivery, and service that takes place between the House of Clocks and a consumer and/or any user/visitor of the website www.houseofclocks.com particularly when all the communication and the acceptance of the contract takes place by the sole use of means of distant communication e.g. phone, fax, e-mail, letter, internet etc. The consumer accepts the validity of these general terms of contract by pressing the “accept”-button when filling out the order form on the website or when placing an order in a different manner. The terms of contract are always valid in the version that can be opened on the website www.houseofclocks.com at the time of visiting/using the website, particularly when clicking the accept-button or placing an order. Consequently, further orders will be subject to the terms of contract that may be opened on the above mentioned website at the time of placing the further order. 

(2) Terms of contract of the buyer/user/visitor, in particular buying conditions, will under no circumstance overrule any part of these terms of contract, except if explicitly accepted by House of Clocks in a written form. 

(3) These terms of contract are part of the contract itself. Additions, modifications etc. will only be valid if House of Clocks accepts them at the time the consumer places the order. 


2. Completion of contract 

(1) Each order will be subject to the price that may be seen on the website www.houseofclocks.com at the time of the consumer sending the order. All prices include the German VAT. All details concerning prices, delivery times or availability are without engagement. The valid currency for the said prices is Euro (€). When a customer places an order by using the tools on the website, the ordered goods are only subject to the price that is found on the website next to the picture of the particular item. If there are prices in any other currencies on the website, these prices in foreign currencies are estimates without obligation to give the buyer a rough idea how the price might be in the foreign currency. Basis for these estimates are the currency rates published in the German media. As soon as the buyer places the items in the virtual cart, the website will add the final price including shipment and insurance if they are part of the order. The shipped goods may be subject to customs of the consumer’s country on which the House of Clocks does not have any influence and that may vary from country to country. Accordingly, the added price in the cart does not include any custom fees. Shipment fees depend on the prior chosen country category and on the number of chosen items. Shipment and insurance fees that are found next to the images of the respective items are only valid in respect to the shipment of only that single item. The customer carries the risk of incomplete submission of data. 

(2) Orders are binding orders. A legally binding contract between the customer and House of Clocks exist if, and only if, House of Clocks acknowledges and/or confirms the customer’s order by fax, e-mail or in writing within 2 weeks of request, or ships the ordered items respectively. 


3. Shipping costs, packaging, shipping and delivery

(1) Shipping costs: Please click here

(2) Packaging and shipping are not covered by the prices quoted and will be charged additionally. Stock items will be dispatched within 5 working days after order confirmation. All goods - except delivery of grandfather Clocks - will be shipped by German Regular Mail (Deutsche Post AG). House of Clocks does not have direct influence on the services of Deutsche Post AG (DHL). For that reason the following estimates of delivery time are without obligation and indicate only the usual delivery time. If the client prefers a different way of delivery, the parties may agree on such a different way. If the different way of shipment is more expensive than the rates of Deutsche Post AG, the client has to pay equivalently higher shipment fee. 

(3) The delivery time within Germany - except of grandfather clocks - takes approx. 2 days. If the client orders a grandfather clock, House of Clocks will tell the client - latest when confirming the order - in what time the grandfather clock will be delivered. 

(4) In general, delivery of goods in a country that is part of the EU will take 1-2 weeks, in Non-EU countries 2-3 weeks (Regular Mail) or 1-2 weeks (Premium Mail). Particularly in the vacation time in summer and before Christmas, the client must consider a longer time for delivery. 

(5) House of Clocks reserves the right to reject the order of goods which are retired or that House of Clocks does not have on stock within a reasonable time. House of Clocks will inform the client about the unavailability of the particular good within a reasonable time. House of Clocks reserves the right to reject the order and/or delivery of very fragile items. 

(6) Delivery of grandfather clocks has to be concluded individually between the customer and House of Clocks. 

(7) In case of the received items differ slightly in Quality, size or colour from the pictures in catalogues, on mailings, on the website or to goods delivered earlier, that difference cannot be considered a flaw that makes any claims of the client raise. 

(8) House of Clocks reserves the right to part deliveries. 


4. Conditions of payment

(1) All orders are billed in EURO (EUR / €) incl. VAT.

Orders to a NON-European Union (EU) shipping address are VAT-free.

(2) Latest with the delivery the customer has to pay the total price of the goods ordered including the shipment, insurance and handling fee if so ordered. 

(3) Payments can be made by VISA, Mastercard, Paypal or Prepayment. House of Clocks reserves the right in some cases to turn down the above mentioned ways of payment. 

(4) Credit card payments: The clients credit card will be charged after a successful checkout process.

(4.1) If the client pays by credit card from a foreign country that does not belong to the Euro-states, the exchange rate will be defined by the client’s credit card bank when the company bills the client’s credit card account. House of Clocks does not have any influence on the exchange rate that the client’s credit card company uses. 


5. Return Policy 

  1. Customers (non business customers only) have the right to revoke their order and return all products within 14 days starting from the day of receiving the delivery. If a customer wishes to return products he/she can contact us via:

    e-mail: sales@houseofclocks.com or Return-Form

    mail: House of Clocks, Isigny-Allee 8, 67685 Weilerbach, Germany

  2. Consequences of revocation
    Customers get full refund if the goods are returned in their original condition (original box) to:

    House of Clocks
    Isigny-Allee 8
    67685 Weilerbach

    If the revoked goods arrive the House of clocks in damaged condition (e.g. due to bad shipping) or are identified and determined to have already been used by the customer, House of Clocks proposes a reduction of the refund amount.
    Return of individually handcrafted products is generally excluded. 

    You are responsible for return shipping costs.


6. Claims and warranty 

(1) The customer is obliged to check all House of Clocks deliveries at the time of receipt, and to establish that the deliveries are without defect and in good condition. Any damages suspect to have occurred during shipping must be immediately reported to the shipping company. Should customer have any claims regarding erroneous and/or incomplete deliveries, such claims must be filled within 7 days of receipt of the goods. 

(2) In case of claims due to erroneous and/or incomplete deliveries by House of Clocks the customer has the choice to either rescind the contract or to demand the delivery of a substitute or to reduce the price. In case of rescission of contract or delivery a substitute the customer has to return the erroneous and/or incomplete item to the House of Clocks. 

(3) If the received goods differ slightly in quality, size, number or colour to the pictures in catalogues, on mailings, on the website, or to goods delivered earlier, that difference cannot be considered a flaw that makes any claim of the customer meritorious. 

(4) House of Clocks provides a limited warranty of 2 years after selling/delivery of the goods. The warranty does not include any damages which are not directly caused by House of Clocks, one of their agents or delivering companies, in particular for damages that occur after delivery to the given destination, e.g. caused by incorrect handling especially when neglecting the instructions. In any event, all warranty and liability of the customer shall terminate if the goods are operated not in strict conformity with the owner manuals or in the event of any interference of third parties. The duties, liabilities and obligations of House of Clocks do not extend to any repairs, adjustments, alterations, replacements or maintenance which may be required as a result of normal wear and tear in the operation of goods, normal degradation in the performance of the goods as a result of customers failure to operate or maintain the goods in accordance with the manufacturers recommendations. 

(5) There is no duty or obligation for House of Clocks to examine their websites for viruses or any other harmful content. 


7. Privacy policy 

Reference in accordance with the German Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) House of Clocks collects temporarily certain customer information automatically on a database. 

If the visitor/customer chooses to provide House of Clocks with personal information, as in an email, a feedback, or a registration form, House of Clocks will use that information to improve their service or to respond to a request. House of Clocks will forward that information to third parties only for purposes that are directly or indirectly connected to the transaction of the customer, especially, for reasons of enforcement or breach of contract. 


8. Jurisdiction and governing law 

(1) Place of fulfilment and court of jurisdiction is always the headquarters of House of Clocks in Kaiserslautern, Germany. 

(2) The law of the Federal Republic of Germany is generally applicable. 

(3) If one or several of the provisions of the present general terms of contract are held to be unenforceable or invalid or are declared as such by application of law, regulation or a final decision of a court of competent jurisdiction, the other provisions shall remain in full force and effect.