House of Clocks - Original Black Forest Cuckoo Clocks

We bring a piece of the Blackforest spirit in your home: The clocks with the little cuckooing bird inside - lovingly hand made in a long tradition for generations.

You can visit us in our local store in Kaiserslautern just 5 minutes from Ramstein Airbase or you can order online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We do offering worldwide shipping at reasonable prices and TAX-free shopping for non-EU (European Union) customers.

8TMT 3170/9

8-day Black Forest cuckoo clock with animated card-player and beer-trinker

€1,229.00 *

640 QMT

Battery powered cuckoo clock in traditional bird design with music

€289.00 *

8TMT 1565/9

8-day chalet cuckoo clock with music, kissing couple, beerdrinker, mill wheel and bell tower

Instead of:€1,499.00 * €1,199.00 *

4965 QMT

Battery powered cuckoo clock in chalet design with a girl on a rocking horse

€359.00 *

MT 6667/9

1-day cuckoo clock with a moving woodchopper and partly transparent front

€509.00 *

734 QMT

Battery powered hunter cuckoo clock with music and dance figurines

€269.00 *

522/6 QM

Battery powered cuckoo clock in tranditional design with rose petals

€119.00 *