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Anton Schneider began producing cuckoo clocks in 1848 in his farmhouse in Schonach. The business is now in the 6th generation and has been producing high value cuckoo clocks at its current location since 1952.

In the years between 1952 an 1985 the modern factory building was extended in 7 periods of buildung. The clock factory is today among the most modern and largest cuckoo clock factories in the Black Forest. Inspite of this, the old tradition of doing valuable carving work by hand has been maintained and in the last few years even greatly improved. This required intensive training of young woodcarvers under our direction.

A love of detail combined with ancient handicraft skills are today the characteristics of the new generation of high-value cuckoo clocks. Thanks to the highly skilled workers in the carpentry shop, the woodcarving shop and in the clock assembly shops, as well as an extremely exact final inspection, it is possible for us to offer our customers worldwide a truly full guarantee.

The Anton Schneider employs highly qualified workers, most of whom have worked for Anton Schneider for the last 20 to 40 years. Every worker is specialised in the quality production of high value cuckoo clocks. This is emphasised by the leading position in the production of cuckoo clocks with music and dancing figurines as well as those with moving scenes and handcarved figurines.

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Half-timbered chalet cuckoo clock
8TMT 5483/9
8-day cuckoo clock with a moving woodchopper and sawyer
1,269.00€ *
8T 179/9 Owls
8T 179/9 Owls
Traditional 8-day cuckoo clock with carved owls around
559.00€ *
Beer drinker
8T 1673/9
8-day Black Forest house cuckoo clock with a moving beer drinker
649.00€ *
Lumberjack and beer drinker
8TMT 5407/10
8-day chalet cuckoo clock with music, moving beerdrinker and moving woodchopper
959.00€ *
8TMT 5405/10
8-day cuckoo clock with a moving woodchopper
779.00€ *
Beer drinker
8TMT 5403/10
8-day cuckoo clock with moving beer drinker
779.00€ *
Railhouse cuckoo clock
8TMT 540/9
8-day Black Forest rail house cuckoo clock with delicate ornaments
1,149.00€ *
Tiny cuckoo clock
Tiny 1-day Black Forest cuckoo clock
189.00€ *
Hunter cuckoo clock
8T 215/9
8 day hunter clock with a deer head, rifles, pheasant and a rabbit
499.00€ *
Traditional cuckoo clock
8T 112/9
Traditional 8-day cuckoo clock with 3 birds
429.00€ *
Chalet with beer drinker and a waitress
8TMT 6414/9
8-day chalet cuckoo clock with music, moving beer drinker and waitress
979.00€ *
3 birds cuckoo clock
8T 102/9
8-day classic cuckoo clock with 3 large birds and leaves decoration
379.00€ *
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