Payment and VAT


Payments can be made by: 

  • Credit Card (Master Card or Visa)
  • Paypal
  • Prepayment to our bank account in Germany



Tax free shopping information:

  • Customer from within the EU (European Union) must pay 19% VAT. The VAT is already included in the retail price
  • Customers from outside the EU (European Union) are not subject to VAT. The webshop will automatically take off the VAT, when you specify the shipping address.


Unfortunately, we can not show our TAX free prices for public visitors on our webshop - it is restricted by German laws. To get an idea how much the TAX free price of an item is you can:

  1. add the item to the shopping card, click 'show shopping card' and choose your 'supplier country'. Now the webshop calculates TAX and shipping costs. OR
  2. item price divided by 1.19 (for 19% VAT) = TAX free price

Sample: clock costs 599.00 EUR incl. 19% TAX

599.00 / 1.19 = 503.36 EUR TAX free :-)